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Sonia, a native of Southern California was raised by parents who influenced her well-rounded yet paradoxical view of life. Her mother an intellectual, Parisian and descendent of French Aristocracy was in direct contrast to her father, of English heritage and a Texan at birth. He was a simple man of few words possessing a salt of the earth nature and a sense of humor that not only influenced every aspect of Sonia’s life, but charmed everyone in his path.

Evidence of this colorful diversity could be witnessed any evening at the dinner table. Sonia’s mother encouraged an exchange of ideas, but what started out as pleasant conversation soon turned into a lively debate with voices escalating into shouting, punctuated by incessant interruption leaving those less daring and more reserved drowned out and left in the dust.

Sonia’s summer vacations were spent with family in France, while the remainder of the year was dedicated to the usual frivolous activities like other girls her age—boys, dance clubs, parties, and…school.

This offers a glimpse into the topsy-turvy and hilarious story-behind-the-story of Sonia’s coming of age book, Losing the Plot in L.A. With her rescue dog Holly by her side, Sonia currently lives in a charming California beach town where she’s writing her next book. Stay tuned…


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